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Hotel Nikko was preparing to undergo a three-month, $60 million renovation, and was seeking representation in France as part of its awareness mission to attract more European clientele with its new product and positioning. The hotel had attempted to research and identify agencies based in Paris who had experience representing hotels in the United States, but was running into complications finding an agency who had the right experience and was willing to manage a short-term project with specific inclusions. After consulting the hotel on its needs and discussing the division’s capabilities, specifically the in-market and in-language experience of its team members, Hotel Nikko San Francisco contracted PHG Consulting to deliver a four-month media outreach campaign that would boost French travel consumer awareness of the property’s renovation and subsequent  relaunch, as well as foster face-to-face engagement with targeted journalists, extend invitations for FAM trips to the property, and create visibility for both the property and San Francisco in key consumer travel, lifestyle, business travel and trade media outlets. Hotel Nikko’s relaunch marked the property’s 30th anniversary and coincided with the city of San Francisco’s 50th anniversary celebrations of the Summer of Love, creating an additional news angle.


Hotel Nikko tasked PHG Consulting with the following deliverables to achieve its awareness goals:

  • Organize a lunch event that would attract 8 top-tier media
  • Organize and escort 3-4 one-on-one media desk-sides and introductory meetings in Paris, including Condé Nast France
  • Translate, localize and distribute pre-approved press material, including the hotel press kit and original relaunch consumer release, to French consumer and travel trade audiences
  • Craft and strategically issue original pitches in French; follow-up accordingly
  • Manage a pro-active press office, including ongoing engagement, media stay inquiries and information requests
  • Promote new packages to consumer and business travel media, including the 30th anniversary 'Pearl Package' and the pet-friendly 'Buster package'  
  • Arrange update calls with San Francisco Travel (tourism board), to share leads and best practices for wider, more compelling outreach


PHG Consulting created and fully executed a comprehensive campaign that incorporated all of Hotel Nikko's expected deliverables and exceeded the client's initial goals in many regards. Key results included:

  • Securement and attendance from 13 top-tier consumer, business travel, and trade journalists at the media lunch - five more than the minimum required
  • Securement and execution of four key consumer and trade journalist meetings for the individual desksides, including the features editor from AD - Architectural Digest France (Condé Nast) - one more than the minimum required
  • Securement of 12 articles promoting Hotel Nikko San Francisco and the Summer of Love festivities in targeted print and online media before the project's end, reaching an estimated audience of almost 4 million with an approximate ad value exceeding $21,000
  • Organization of one high-profile media stay and another in progress before the project's end

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