Hellenic Republic Region of
South Aegean


The Greek Islands offer the best vacations in the world. The beaches, vistas, culture, history, cuisine, attractions, hotels and villas, and yacht charters together provide an unforgettable experience that is unique and exhilarating.

Yet for North American leisure travelers, the Greek Islands are not as visible as many other destinations. The Greek National Tourism Organization (GNTO) has worked heroically under difficult circumstances with limited resources to continue to promote tourism to Greece, however the focus has been on culture, history, and Athens. While Athens does have the Acropolis and so many historic sites, the reality is that the historical tourism market is extremely competitive – Turkey, Italy, Israel, Spain, and Malta all offer similar experiences.


Create an integrated plan incorporating travel trade representation and training, with the option to add destination related training to better prepare the hotels of the South Aegean to cater to the North American tourist market in 2016.

Our Solution

  • Participate in sales meeting with North American travel trade
  • Conduct in-market stakeholder workshops to educate, train, and prepare local operators on North American traveler's needs
  • Organize FAM trips for qualified travel trade professionals and media
  • Develop and implement a workshop and road show events to reach tour operators, travel agents, travel media, and other travel influencers in the key markets of Los Angeles, New York City, Boston and Toronto
  • Conduct online webinars to educate and engage the travel trade

Our Work

Services Provided to South Aegean

Travel Trade Representation & Outreach
We help our clients build relationships with tour operators, travel agents, travel trade, and other business-to-business groups that increase awareness of their destination and drive more arrivals.
Marketing Campaigns & Advertising
An integrated marketing campaign that incorporates both traditional and digital channels will keep your company or organization in focus. We design strategic marketing and advertising plans, gather and create image and content components, and implement and track placements to ensure success.

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