Crisis Management-Travel & Tourism

Strategic, proactive crisis management is paramount to retaining a consistent, positive image and staying top-of-mind among the travel trade and consumer communities during situations affecting travel and tourism. Even if there is a temporary halt in immediate travel purchases, it is imperative that destinations continue to inspire travelers and drive their desire to visit when the time is right. PHG Consulting has supported destinations and travel companies around the world through a variety of crises – from natural disasters and terrorism to global health pandemics, crimes against visitors, boycotts, and more.

Taking a three-step approach to every crisis, we create and implement a comprehensive, customized plan to keep consumers, the media, and the travel trade updated on the situation in the destination through a variety of complementary efforts. Phases One and Two utilize crisis communications and digital marketing to provide vital information to key audiences and uphold the destination or travel company’s reputation. Phase Three focuses on crisis management services ranging from social media and public relations to revenue management and trade outreach to support the destination’s awareness and constituents during the recovery period. Our team understands the requirement to act quickly during times of crises, and can launch successful crisis management programs inclusive of new policies and trainings in a few days’ time.