Investment Consulting

Looking beyond strategy, sales and marketing, public relations and promotions, PHG Consulting identifies needs and areas for stimulating investment. Our team’s experience and network
of relationships in the hospitality and tourism industries, combined with our foresight on global
economic growth trends, enable us to guide you through the expansion process.

After defining a path forward that will balance your sustainability needs with the benefits of
tourism growth, we will develop a hospitality investment “map”, outlining the geographic
regions that are in need of immediate room supply and recommending the appropriate hotel product (eco-lodge, convention hotel, etc.). When you are ready to secure investors, we will
identify potential audiences and directly connect your development team to appropriate forums, conferences, and events to present your opportunities and ensure you have the appropriate collateral needed to bring your ideas to life with potential investors. Utilizing the full scope of our resources, we will provide all of the support necessary to ensure you secure funding, whether that is a complementary public relations outreach campaign, a speaking opportunity in front of a target audience, or an event to bring your future project to life in front of key decision makers.